BookUndergraduate Courses:

105 Introduction to the History of Africa. II; 3-4 cr (Z-E). Major historic and current problems in African life, as seen by Africans. P: Open to All Undergrads.

243 Colony, Nation, and Minority: The Puerto Ricans' World. (Crosslisted with Chicla) I or II or SS; 3 cr (e-S-E). An historical introduction to the Puerto Rican experience, from island to mainland. Varieties of colonial rule, social institutions, cultural processes, and ethnic and national identity. Migration to the U.S. and social dynamics of stateside communities. P: Open to Fr.

277 Africa: An Introductory Survey. (Crosslisted with Soc, African, Afroamer, Anthro, Geog, Poli Sci) I, II; 4 cr (Z-I). African society and culture, polity and economy in multidisciplinary perspectives from prehistory and ancient kingdoms through the colonial period to contemporary developments, including modern nationalism, economic development and changing social structure. P: Open to Fr.

297 African and African-American Linkages: An Introduction. (Crosslisted with Afroamer, African, Poli Sci) II; 4 cr (e-Z-E). Analysis of retention of African elements in African-American oral, written, and material culture. Social, cultural, and political issues regarding race, self-definition, and self-determination in both Africa and North America will be examined. P: Open to Fr.

330 African/Afro-American Historical Relationships: 1700 to the Present. (Crosslisted with Afro-amer) I or II; 3 cr (e-S-I). Relationships between Africa and Afro-Americans in the U.S. from the time of the Atlantic slave trade to the present. Focus on resettlement, religion, education, and politics.
P: So st.

347 Introduction to the History of Caribbean Societies. (Crosslisted with Afroamer) I or II; 3 cr (S-D). Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Martinique, Barbados, Trinidad, Honduras, Guyana: fifteenth-twentieth centuries. Development of national and regional identity, role as a supply funnel for North American slavery, plantation slavery in Caribbean, interchange of culture and political ideas between societies. P: So st.

376 History of Africa to 1500. I or II or SS; 3-4 cr (S-I). African societies and cultures from the beginning of the Iron Age to 1800, including studies of state formation, trade, the role of Islam; emphasis on Africa south of the Sahara. P: So st.

377 History of Africa, 1500 to 1870. I or II; 3-4 cr (S-I). Studies of Ottoman and European expansion into Africa. The slave trade and unique internal dynamics in African cultures and societies during the period 1500-1870. P: So st.

378 History of Africa Since 1870. I or II or SS; 3-4 cr (S-I). From the European conquest: resistance movements, African social history, the politics of independence. Emphasis on Africa south of the Sahara. P: So st.

436 Race, Class, and Colonialism in the Caribbean. (Crosslisted with Chicla) I or II or SS; 3 cr (S-D). Historical and contemporary perspectives on slavery, capitalism, and colonialism in the Caribbean context. Key issues include the formation of multiracial societies, internal social structures during slavery and after emancipation, and dependence upon imperial powers. P: History 241 or 242 or 260 (Latin America: An Introduction) or Afro-Amer/Hist 347.

439 Islamic History From the Origin of Islam to the Ottoman Empire. (Crosslisted with Relig St) I or II or SS; 3-4 cr (H-I). Political action and organization in medieval Islam (ca 600-1500), with focus on selected states. P: So st.

440 History of North Africa. I or II or SS; 3-4 cr (S-I). History of the region since the Islamic invasions, and the social and political transformations leading to the rise of modern states in the 20th century. P: So st.

443 History of West Africa. I or II or SS; 3-4 cr (S-A). History of Africa south of the Sahara and West of the Cameroon highlands. African cultural tradition, contact with Islam and the West, state-building in the Western Sudan and the forest, the European invasions, the colonial period, and the reemergence of the independent states. P: So st.

444 History of East Africa. I or II or SS; 3-4 cr (S-A). Formation of ethnic groups, state building, the development of pre-colonial trade institutions, and African social and political history in the colonial period. P: So st.

445 History of Equatorial Africa. I or II or SS; 3-4 cr (S-A). Area south of Lake Chad and north of Southwest Africa and Zambia from the advent of the Iron Age to the present. P: So st.

446 History of Southern Africa. I or II or SS; 3-4 cr (S-I). From the Cape to the Zambezi River; from the Iron Age to the present. P: So st.

533 Multi-Racial Societies in Latin America. I or II; 3-4 cr (S-A). Genesis, evolution, and contradictions of racially heterogeneous societies, from European conquest to the present. Social history of Indians, Blacks, and Asians; relationships between racial, sexual, and class oppressions. Regional emphasis may vary. P: Jr st or cons inst.

555 History of Brazil. I or II or SS; 3-4 cr (S-A). The evolution of Brazil's society, economy, and political institutions since the arrival of the Portuguese court in 1808. Attention to the forces that have supported or opposed modernization. P: Jr st or cons inst.

600 Advanced Seminar in History. I or II or SS; 3 cr (Z-A). Introduction to research. Small-group discussion; writing intensive. Topics vary, depending on the expertise and interests of instructors; see Timetable for details. P: Jr or Sr st & cons inst.

628 History of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. (Crosslisted with Afroamer) Alt yrs.; II; 3 cr (e-H-A). Civil rights history from 1930-1970. Legal, historical and economic origins of the civil rights movement. Study of the movement's impact on United States culture, politics, and international relations. P: Jr or Sr st or cons inst.

631 Black History. 3-4 cr (S-A). P: Jr st.

635 Afro-American History to 1900. (Crosslisted with Afroamer) I; 3 cr (e-S-A). Political, economic, and social development of American Blacks from their removal from Africa to the end of the nineteenth century. P: Jr st or cons inst.

636 Afro-American History Since 1900. (Crosslisted with Afroamer) II; 3 cr (e-S-A). An in-depth analysis of social, economic, and political developments within the Black community in twentieth-century America. P: Jr st or cons inst.

Graduate Courses:

751 Proseminar in the History of Africa. 1-3 cr. Historical literature of Africa through comparative topics which vary each term. P: Grad st & cons inst.

753 Seminar -- Comparative World History. 1-3 cr. Topics significant for the histories of Latin America, Africa, Islamic core, South Asia and Southeast Asia. A single topic chosen each semester for a series of comparative essays by seminar members. P: Grad st.

774 Methods for Historical Research in Non-Literate Societies. (Crosslisted with Anthro) 3 cr. Techniques and critical analysis applied to written, oral, archaeological, linguistic and cultural data. Stresses problems of synthesis. Exercises. P: Grad st or cons inst.

858 Seminar in Problems of Islamic History. (Cross-listed with Relig St) 2-3 cr. Social and economic history of North Africa and the Middle East in Islamic and modern times. P: Grad st & knowledge of appropriate foreign language.

861 Seminar -- The History of Africa. 1-3 cr. Research studies in aspects of African history with emphasis on field research techniques and interpretation of non-archival data. P: Grad st & cons inst.

990 Research and Thesis. 1-9 cr. P: Grad st & cons inst.

999 Independent Work. 1-6 cr. Properly qualified graduate students may, by agreement with the major professor, undertake special out-of-class work, generally upon research problems, during the recesses of the University. This special work available only to graduate students who have the master's degree or equiv. P: Grad st & cons inst.